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Анализ специализаций по игре Champions online от иностранного игрока.

# The effect has no scaling.
+ The effect of this spec scales poorly.
++ The Effect scales decently.
+++ The Effect Scales Very well.
Good This spec is defiantly worth getting and benefits nearly any build relevant to the tree.
OK This spec, while not useless, does not benefit all builds, so only take it if you know what you're doing.
Bad This spec is useless, either due to the bonus being too small or the effect being extremely ineffective, only take as last resort.


+HP based on strength.
The HP gained from this spec is far from useful due to how little you get.

Physical Peak
+++Melee Cost Discount Based on secondary Super stats.
Cost discount granted by this spec is extremely useful.

Quick Recovery
+HP regenration based on Recovery.
The HP regeneration with 800 rec is barely over 150 every three seconds.

#Offence from Gear Is increased.
Getting more offense lets you hit harder, this spec scales really well with other offense boosting specs, making it potent.

+Range Knock based on some of your strength, removes ego scaling.
If you're using strength then why would you bother increasing ranged damage?

+++ Critical Severity based on your secondary super stats.
Critical severity is a flat addition of damage, making higher severity extremely more effective.

+++Defense based on your Constitution.
If you're rolling Strength without con, then you're doing something wrong…this spec is a BEAST.

++Melee Crit Chance based on your strength.
Useful for aiding with crit chance, but only until you get Crit chance boosting primary offense gear.


Combat Training
+Crit Chance based on your offense.
Useful for aiding with crit chance until you reach about 30%.

Gear Utilization
#Offence and Defense from your gear is increased.
More damage and durability? yes please!

Brush it off
#Grants Additional Dodge against AoE attacks.
If you have a dodge build then this can work, else it is worthless.

Power Swell
#Grants Cost discount to your next power when you crit.
Looks good on paper…in practice is near useless.

+Avoidance Based on your secondary Super Stats.
The amount granted is too small for it to grant even a 5% increase.

Deadly Aim
+++Crit Severity Based on secondary Super Stats.
Dex is all about Crits, Increasing critial severity grants you significantly more damage.

Expose Weakness
#Reduce enemy damage resistance on crit.
Reducing the enemies damage resistance allows for more damage.

Quick Reflexes
+Dodge rating based on your dexterity.
Similar issue to Evasion, fails to grant a significant boost even when pushed to the extreme.


+Hold resistance based on your Constitution.
The hold system in CO broken.

Fuel My Fire
#Gain energy when hit.
Defiance Energy gain in a spec, useful if you are dodge/might, else pass.

++Hp based on secondary Super stats.
On one hand it grants a sizable HP boost, on the other hand so does a rank 7 growth mod.

+++Knock Resistant based on your Constitution.
Knock resistance is useful no matter which way you cut it…if a little unreliable.

+Dodge rating based on your dexterity.
Grants little to no dodge even when pushed to the extreme.

Quick Healing
+HP regeneration based on secondary super stats.
The regeneration granted by this passive is easily surpassed by even the lowest DoTs imaginable.

Adrenaline Rush
#Hp healed on crit.
Grants you a moderate about of HP back EVERY time you crit, can lead to extremely fast healing.

#Increases the defense from gear.
Yay, increased durability.


+Equilibrium based on your endurance.
Your Equilibrium is rather useless in combat lasting more than 4 seconds….

#Increases non-super stats.
Non Super Stats give a mitigate-able bonus, this spec increases them from 10 to 13….woo

+++Offence based on secondary super stats.
A damage increase based off secondary super stats? what's not to like?

Battle of wits
++Hold strength based on your Intelligence.
The broken hold system renders this about as useful as a chocolate teapot.

#Reduces the remaining cooldown when you use your energy-builder.
This Cool Down reducing effect isn't just limited to powers, it also helps devices.

Detect Vulnerability
++Defense penetration based on Intelligence.
There's a reason that people pay though the nose for a 15% defense penetration mod.

#Increased Offence and Defense from gear.
Makes your gear go further, what's not to like?

#Increases bonuses from secondary super stats.
Useful if all of your Super Stats are high, past that….not so much.


Mental Endurance
#Increases the energy you gain from recovery.
Gaining extra energy total from a energy stat, useful if you need more juice, else avoid.

Force of will
++Defense based on secondary super stats.
Lets hear it for our returning friend, increased durability!!

++Range cost discount based on ego.
While not as strong as it's strength counterpart, still useful if you are having energy issues.

#Offence from gear is increase.
More bang for your buck…who wouldn't want this?

Follow Though
+++Crit Severity based on ego.
Critical Severity….don't underestimate how powerful it is.

Exploit Opening
#Increased damage for next hit after crit.
If you are using a fast hitting build this spec is for you, otherwise, avoid.

Sixth Sense
+Crit chance based on secondary super stats.
Useful for replacing dex/crit gear if you can't fit it into your build, otherwise it's not that great due to demising returns.

Mind Over matter
+Melee knock based on ego, removes strength scaling.
All this spec does is reduce the knock that non ego melee powers inflict by a significant amount.


#healing power based on offence.
If you have a absurd amount of offense then this spec can really benefit you, else it's kinda a waste.

Selfless Ally
#Heals done to ally heal you as well.
Healing your allies heals you…what's not to like as a healer, eh?

+Hold Strength based on Presence.
Gotta love dat broken hold system…

#Grain Offence based on Presence.
The offense gains are so small that you would need over 600 presence to make this spec even worth considering.

#Crit heals increase heal power.
When you get a crit heal, your heals get stronger for a little while….yays.

Moment of glory
+++Crit Chance based on secondary Super Stats.
Because crit heals are a POWERFUL thing.

Force of will
++Defense based on secondary super stats.
Makes you less likely to die, which is a good thing!

#Reduces target damage resistance when held.
If you're pants on head bent on making a control toon then this spec can actually kick ass, otherwise it's meh.


Gear Utization
#Increase offence and defense from gear.
Makes your gear better…and by extent, makes you die less and hit harder!

#Gain CC resist based on secondary super stats.
This spec could have been useful…if the amount granted was for a stat that wasn't broken, and was more than laughably small.

Rapid Recovery
+Hp regen based on recovery.
Yes, even maining Recovery doesn't make this spec grant you useful healing.

Staying Power
#energy granted by recovery is increased.
Do you NEED more energy from your energy stat, if yes take this, else pass.

#Increased crit chance when energy is high.
Because +15% crit chance is the reason why crit gear is expensive….takes a little practice to use effectively.

#Increases energy gain from energy unlocks.
Need a little extra boost from your energy unlock? then this is for you, else it's just…okish.

Well Rounded
#non-super stats increase HP and energy.This spec can give you a whopping +100HP and +20 energy when maxed out:-|

Second Wind
+++Recharge speed on powers, based on secondary super stats.
Having your powers recharge faster is awesome…does not effect devices.


+equilibrium Based on your endurance.
Can be useful if you wish your launch your big guns off the bat, otherwise it's not that important.

#add hold resistance based on secondary super stats.
Broken Hold system to broken.

Gear Utilization
#Increase Defense and Offense from gear.
more Defense and Offense yay go betters!

#Energy builder makes next normal attack give you energy.
If you energy-build a lot then this spec is awesome, otherwise it's kinda a waste.

Quick Recovery
+HP regen based on your recovery.
Lets hear it for regen specs that give uber weak regen!

#Increased damage, healing and energy cost when energy is high.
Can increase your damage by a tasty amount if you're careful with energy expenditure.

Power Overwhelming
+++Offence based on secondary super stats.
Increasing your damage is never a bad thing.

#adds Hp based on your endurance.
Turns your END into slightly less efficient CON, useful if you need more HP, else pass.


Fortified Gear
#Increased defense from gear.
Durability increase = good!

Beacon of Hope
#Increases the healing you get from others.
Given the shortage of healers in CO, this spec is kinda a gamble.

#Makes you move faster, and prevents slow down effects from effecting you.
The fact that it's not in effect when you have your travel powers active, takes what little use this spec could have and snuffs it out.

++Threat gen in Hybrid role/# Increases Hp when not in hybrid role.
Useful for a off tank…or an actual somebody in tank role, otherwise it's kinda derp.

Debilitating Challange
#Crippling Challenge reduces target defense.
If you have crippling challenge and like to tank then this is good, else it is bad

Exhausting Strikes
#Energy-builder reduces target damage output.
Reducing your enemies damage is just plain nice all round.

Defensive Expertise
#Reduces cool down on active defense powers.
Making your active defense recharge faster is the good

#Get healed when you are knocked or held.
When you get knocked/held you get Hp back, maximu useful!

BRAWLER (melee)

The Glory of Battle
#Grants offence buff after 30 aoe attacks.
If you're an AoE using melee monster then take it, else leave it behind.

No Escape
#energy builder reduces enemy movement speed by 20%
The speed reduction isn't that useful in PvE and in PvP it's easily mitigated.

Penetrating Strikes
#Crit melee hits debuff target damage resistance.
Debuffing the enemy defense gives you more damage, what oh what is not to like about that?

#Increase crit severity.
Increasing your critial severity makes your crits hit harder…and crits boost everything!

Finishing Blow
#Increase damage against targets below 35% health.
By the time you get 99.99% of targets this low on HP they are already going to die within the new few attacks.

#combo power buffs damage of next non-combo power.
Only useful if you switch up your attacks a lot, past that it's meh

#Increase damage if you hit target from behind.
Considering that you can run rings around most opponents, this spec gets plenty of use.

Offensive Expertise
#Reduces cool down on active offence powers.
Making your active offense recharge faster is always handy.

AVENGER (range)

#Increases your crit severity.
Critical severity is useful like for everything!

Can't Touch This
#Energy builder reduces movement speed of target by 20%.
Near useless in PvE and easily migatable in PvP.

#Adds a defense penetrating DoT to the target when you crit with a ranged attack.
If you have fast hitting attacks, then this spec is good, else don't bother with it.

Round 'em Up
#Increases the damage you do with AoE attacks.
Increasing the damage output of your AoE attacks is always useful.

Surprise Attack
#Increases damage against targets with over 90% health.
All this spec does is increase your damage for roughly all of 0.2 seconds of a fight.

Relentless Assault
#Maintained attacks increase your offense.
Having your damage increase as you deal damage is always fun and useful.

Offensive Expertise
#Reduces the cool down on active offense powers.
Lets you use your active offense skills more often, what of the not liking is there?

Preemptive Strike
#blast attacks increase next non blast damage.
Applicable if you use blast powers as an opener, else don't even think about it.

SENTINEL (support)

#Makes your holds last longer.
Because the non-functional holds are «working as intended»

Eternal Spring
#Makes crit heals apply a HoT.
Puts more heals on your crit heals, makes it super effective.

#increases your heals and bubbles on other players.
If you're a healer then this is for you, else look elsewhere.

Sentinel Aura
#adds a small HoT effect to you and your team.
Not amazing, but defiantly strong enough to counteract most DoTs

Moment of Need
#Increases your chance to get a crit heal.
Because crit heals are a thing!

#HoT effects add a EoT effect.
Getting +6 energy every 2 seconds is soooo useful /scarscam

#holds reduce damage resistance on target.
Potential Application is useful, but the actual application is rather..dependent on a hold build.

#cost reduction on heals, bubbles and holds.
The cost discount on this spec isn't great enough to warrant merit.


Evasive Action
#increase pet resistance to AoE attacks.
Makes your pets more durable against AoEs, which is what they usually get hit by.

Rapid Response
#Summons pets faster.
Only really useful if you have a LOT of pets, else it's not much of a bother.

Create an opening
#Increase pet crit chance when you crit.
Combined with a moderate number of pets allows you to increase their dps substantially.

#Reduces the energy cost increase of having pets active.
Makes having your pet (s) out much less of a burden on your energy reserves.

Well Trained
#Pet abilties recharge faster.
Pet «abilities» are somewhere between laughable and useless.

#increases pet Hp and healing they get.
Stronger pets, \o/

#Makes pets heal better.
With healing pets, this be amazing, else it's pointless.

#Increases pet damage.
Makes your pets hit harder!!

WARDEN (melee/tank)

Fortified Gear
#Defense from gear is increased.
Increase defense obtained from gear, what's not to like?

#Increased combo attack crit chance.
If you use a combo attack heavy build then it's good, otherwise it's kinda useless.

#Increases crit severity.
Crit Severity goes up, making all crits better.

#Increases dodge chance against AoE attacks. [In-game description is bugged]
Highly reliant on dodge builds, simply put, no dodge = no take.

Reactive Strikes
#Has chance to reflect damage when hit.
Useful for tanks that are good at holding at aggro of a LOT of mobs, else it just falls flat.

#Buffs offence when you get hit.
When you get hit, it makes you hit harder.

Upper Hand
#Increases the damage of bleed and shred.
Bleed or shred toons only, everything else gets little to no bonus from it.

The Best Defense
#Increases your offence by a % of your defense.
Take your defense and add it onto your offense and boom, extra damage!

GUARDIAN (range/tank)

Fortified Gear
#Increases the defense from gear.
More defense = more durability = less dying

#grants buff after 30 AoE attacks, increases offence when active.
This spec works on all powers that are AoE, even ones that need an advantage to become AoE, limited to AoEs though.

Make it Count
#Increases the damage of blast attacks.
Blast attacks are far from powerful enough to gain much benefit from this spec.

#Increase crit severity.
Crit severity = better crit power

#Increases damage and heals you when you get hit.
just…..isn't very good overall due to low numbers.

#Increases offence when you get hit.
You deal more damage when you get hit.

Find the Mark
#can apply debuff to target, increasing crit chance saint them.
Can be useful for boosting a low crit chance toon, but past that it's useless.

The Best Defnese#Increased your offence by a % of your defense.
Increases your offense by your defense…basically more durability gets made into more damage!

SENTRY (support/tank)

Fortified Gear
#Increase the defense you gain from gear.
Makes your gear give you more defense, making you less likely to do the dead.

Twist of fate
#energy builder increased crit chance.
The Crit chance bonus from this is subject to diminishing returns for some stupid reason, making it useless.

#Increases single target damage and healing power.
Increase your damage against single targets….and heals for allies, what's not to like?

Sentry Aura
#Increases damage resistance for you and team.
While the damage resistance increase is nice, it's not high enough to be a staple, only take if you REALLY need it.

#Increase healing and damage resistance when you crit.
Amazing for healers and good for tanks, all in all a nice spec.

Stalling Tactics
#Increases hold duration.
Broken hold system is broken.

#getting hit can heal team mates.
Great for tanking….not so good for anything else.

#Gain healing power/damage resistance when you crit heal/attack.
more heals for the healer and more tough for the tanks, very nice.

ARBITER (Melee/Support)

#Increases the power of your heals, bubbles and combo attacks.
Heal component on this spec is good for healers, the damage component is diminished.

#Increase crit severity.
Crit severity of the increase for the making your crits the better!

Arbiter Aura
#Increase melee damage strength for you and your team.
Amazing for boosting yourself and your team.

#Reduces target defense when you crit.
Makes the targets take more damage when you crit, yays!

#Increases damage of next attack when you heal another player.
Increases damage when you heal another player, would only work for a healer, healers don't do the fighting.

#reduces target damage output when you stun them.
Only bother if you have a quick-fire stun attack.

#reduce energy cost of heals, holds and attacks.
Extreme energy users only, all else, go look elsewhere.

Enhanced gear
#Increase offence from gear.
Increases your offence, making your damage go up.

OVERSEER (range/support)

#increases the strength of your bubbles.
Bubblers = yes, all else = no.

#Increase your crit seveirty.
Crit severity goes up, making crits better.

Overseer Aura
#Increases the ranged damage of you and your team.
Increases your damage and the damage of all on your team, it's very cool stuff.

#Reduces target damage on crit.
Only really useful if you're having troubles with the surivings, past that it's not amazing

#Increases damage of next attack when you heal another player.
Increases damage when you heal another player, would only work for a healer, healers don't do the fighting.

#Reduce target defense while they are held.
Useful for a fast fire paralyze (like binding shot) past that it's kinda weaksauce.

#Reduce energy cost of heals, holds and single target attacks.
Reduces the energy cost of the cheap things….a % of tiny is still small, total reduction isn't worth it.

Enhanced Gear
#Increases offence from gear.
moar damage!


Aggressive Stance
#Increase your Defence by a % of your offence.
Increases your damage by a % of your defense, very useful for looping them back and forth.

#Increases crit severity.
Critial Severity increased, perfect for making your crits even better.

#Energy-builder reduces target defence.
Good if you energy-build a lot, otherwise, pass.

Rush of battle
#Restores Hp when you kill a mob.
Kill mobs, get HP back…stacks with itself for maxium healings!

Focused Strikes
~increase crit chance for single target attacks.
Good for compensating for a low crit chance, easily surpassed by gear.

Modified Gear
#Increases offence from gear.
Increases the offence you get from your gear, increasing damage!

Offensive Expertise
#Reduces the cool down on active offences.
having your Active Offence cool down faster lets you use it more for maximu damage!

Mass Destruction
#Increases crit chacen on AoE attacks.
Good for compensating for a lot crit chance, easily surpassed by gear.

Strength +20 strength +30 offence.
Dexterity +20 dex +20 crit severity +0% avoidance.
Constitution +20 Constitution +20 Defense.
Intelligence +10 to all non super stats.
Ego +20 to both your secondary super stats.
Presence Puts a bubble on your heal target with the strength of 10% of the heal, bubbles are 10% stronger.
Recovery +10 to all super stats
Endurance +3-5% energy every 3–5 seconds dependent on role.
Protector Resets cool down on your active defense when you reach 30% hp.
Brawler +[variable, never exceeds 20]% melee damage for next attack after lunge, once per 10 seconds.
Avenger crit twice in 5 seconds, get +50% charge speed on next blast.
Sentinel Stun target, applies debuff, debuff gives +2% HP back to the player each time they hit debuffed mob.
Commander +10% damage on your pets.
Warden +10% combo power damage, +buff when combo finishes, buff gives +3% damage resist, stacks 3 times.
Guardian +buff on blast, buff makes next blast 3% faster to charge, +0% dodge, stacks up-to 3 times.
Sentry +stun any target and heal nearby allies for 10% of your HP when your health reaches 50%, once per 60 seconds.
Arbiter +1%HP to you +3% Hp to nearby allies every time you finish a combo attack.
Overseer (bugged, in-game description is wrong) +20% healing done when healer HP is less than 10%
Vindicator +30% ego boost to melee +30% strength boost to ranged.

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